TEAM 125


Through competitive STEM programs in the Greater Boston area, we aim to encourage students to expand their creativity and teamwork skills by allowing them to work in design challenges alongside real engineers, in order to prepare them for their college career.




About Our Team

Team 125 was founded in 1997 by a Northeastern University freshman and FIRST alumni. The origin of our name comes from our original sponsors, Northeastern University and Textron Systems: NU-TRONs. By 2005, we had only five students and one mentor and almost came to an end. Our persistence and dedication to draw in students and secure funding saved our team.

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Our Sponsors

What started as just one sponsor has grown over 21 years to 10 sponsors. Our only monetary sponsor is currently SONOS yet we still have other sponsors that give us tools and facilities crucial to the making of our team, such as Revere Public Schools and Markforged. We have a very strong relationship with our sponsors, sending them holiday cards, shouting them out in our social media, informing them of our success in competition season as well as placing their names on our apparel and robot.




To do our part to preserve and ensure sustainability, this past year we established the Greater Boston 4-H Robotics to serve as the foundation for the NUTRONs FRC and 7 FTC teams, and our future endeavors to found Jr FLL and FLL in our communities. The 4-H club also allows us to continue accepting students from all schools in the Greater Boston Area, including Revere High School, Boston Latin School, Brookline High School, Chelsea High School, Urban Science Academy, Boston Trinity Academy, and Northeast Metro Tech.




Our mentors are all first alumni, being made up of undergraduates and professional mentors. Having mentors so close in age allow us to form a bond and feel closer to them. Our mentors have encouraged us to do the best work we can, and teach us lessons not just about STEM but about life.




We are proud of being a very diverse team. On our team, there are 13 different languages with 28 students speaking more than one language. Apart from English, Spanish is the second most
spoken language, followed by Arabic. We have students from different countries such as Algeria, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, China, Philippines, Haiti, and Colombia.